Monday, November 18, 2013

I am so gonna blog about my Batam trip! It's my virgin trip there and it was so awesome. I promise i will come again.I don't even feel like coming back haha. All thanks to my Teammates that managed everything so well. 
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First stop, We dropped at the SPA SECRET for their massage! This is my very first time going to body massage. (Laugh at me) Apparently, i am too skinny so i don't think i can take the pain. But what a stupid thinking i have haha! It wasn't pain at all! Super comfortable and shiokkkkkk!!! I'd chosen the warm chocolate massage. There're other massage(: You can go to their's website to have a look! 
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We are done! Then, We head down to the shopping mall opposite for A&W! After lunch we went for grocery shopping for dinner. 
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Here we are @ Montigo Resort! SOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL~
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We are on the buggy to our hotel room(: 
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TADAH! We got our personal pool <3
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Swimming pool party <3 Drink drank drunk, here we go~ We party till the day turn dark and start partying :D hahaha!
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Day 2, Breakfast at 9am in the morning before we check out. Feeling sooooo blueee~ I don't wish to come back at all manz </3 2 days 1night is not enough! I will come back very soon! Anyway guys, if you're wondering how much is the hotel stay. It's around $600 per day. 
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Goodbye Batam, See you again! <3
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