Friday, March 8, 2013

Yay, finally up with my daily skin care routine! I apologies if it take a little bit too long. Yay, i've made an effort okay! Apparently, some of the product i've been using for quite sometimes (if you use to read  my blog on my previous blog). Because my skin is really sensitive and it's hard for me to find a suitable product. I get redness and rashes very easily. ); Sooo yea! Let's get started! 
1st step, Make up remover. Make up remover is actually the most important steps of all and especially of people who wear on make up. If you do not double cleans your skin, your skin will became dull, clogged pores and etc. Where the complexion starts to get worsen. This is part of the basic in your skincare regime. (:

Price: $28? 

Step 2: I am using the face shop lip & eye make up remover. To remove waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and whatever lipstick.

Price: less than $20 ? (:

Step 3: I am using this super good cleanser from Clarins, Basically is for sensitive skin. I loveeeeeeee it! It's so moisturizing and it won't make my skin feels tight after wash. Must try this!!!

I got this from the staff, The usual price for this is around $40 plus. 

Step 4:  Toner from laneige, for dry to normal skin. There're actually a few other toner for different skin type. So you don't have to worry if your skin is oily or combination.

Price: $45 or $48. haha! My memory are damn bad. 

Step 5: My fav product of all! It's like super hydrating and helps in every concern! That includes evening skin tone, firmer skin, lesser lines and more radiance skin!

There're a few sizes for this and is all stated below(:
$99 - 75ML
$183 - 150ML
$233 - 215ML
$295 - 330ML


Step 6: Pimple gel.
 Price: $35 or $36? (:

Step 7: The whitening serum that i using is the old range of the Cellumination Essence. Sadly, the latest range is not suitable for me and i dont know why ); But it's much moisturizing than the one im using now. Yet it's still good for even up skin tone and to give me more radiance skin (; i love it!
The price for this is the same as the new cell ess (:
$199 - 30ml
$299 - 50ml 

Step 8: The most fav moisturizer that i've used. It'll instantly helps to smoothen and moisturize my skin! Surprisingly, it really work well on my skin! I've been using this for years already. Although, I've tried some of the other brand of moisturizer and i still prefer this! &Now, it actually came out with this cute packaging! Much love!!!

Price: $58?
 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

Step 9: The sunblock that i use everyday!
Price : $74

Lastly, Step 9: But i only use it at night. This product actually dry up pimple even faster! Recently i've a really bad breakout and i can't help it by just using the clinique pimple gel. I mean it helps but it takes longer time to dry up the pimple. I got recommended this product from my sister in law( Grace ). &it's really really good! All thanks to her! My skin is so much better now!

Price: $34
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Hope you enjoy reading! Do drop a comment on my formspring if you have any enquiries!