Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hey guys!!! Im back! I'm here today to share with you my fav product that works really well for pimples/acne skin! I swear it gonna works for you :) I have recommended a few of my friends to try and it really works! Ya~ On the sad note, i have not been having good skin ever since 2013. I tends to get major break out on and off, on and off, ON AND OFF >:( you know, because of the out break, i am NOT able to use my usual skin care, cause my skin use to be super dry and now, my skin became combination. Then, i have been trying out a lot of different product but it doesn't work on my skin. Until… I FOUND DERMATICS! Which was recommended by my Beautician from Beryl.

 photo IMG_9879.jpg

So! Here are the steps that i use for every day and night.
Step 1 > Cleanser (DERMATICS - C-Cleanse).
 photo IMG_7410.jpg

Amount : Don't have to be too much, Perfect to be pearl size.
 photo IMG_7411.jpg

This is me after cleans(Bare face). Don't expect my skin to be flawless. The photo's in my instagram are all edited hahaha!
 photo IMG_7448.jpg

Steps 2 > Toner( DERMATICS - Soothing Splash).
 photo IMG_7565.jpg

Amount : Almost wet. Apply on the entire face and split the cotton pad into two and place it on the affected area.
 photo IMG_7451.jpg

Like this :) Leave it for awhile or you can leave it until the product is fully penetrated.
 photo IMG_7461.jpg  photo IMG_7464.jpg

Steps 3 > Whitening Spots Specialist.
Im still using it because it helps lightening dark spots/pigmentation/marks. Especially when my pimples/acne are cured, it will still leave marks on my skin. So, whitening product will be your second buddy. Haha!
 photo IMG_7467.jpg

Amount : I usually take 1 drop of the serum and only apply on the marks/spots area.
 photo IMG_7468.jpg

Steps 4 > Pimple gel (DERMATICS - Acne Fighter)
This is my saver! My pimples dries up really fast after applying!
 photo IMG_7567.jpg

Amount : just a tiny bit will do, i will advise not to apply too much as it will cause dryness to your skin.
(Only apply on affected area).
 photo IMG_7476.jpg 

Steps 5 > Moisturizer (Su Hyang Snow),
Im back to this product cause I've not find a moisturizer that absorb into the skin instantly. It feels good and the smells is so refreshing too :D I would recommend to people who have combination skin or oily skin.
 photo IMG_7471.jpg

Amount : Pearl size.
 photo IMG_7472.jpg

Steps 6 > Eyecream (Signature Eye Cream).
i've been using this eye product for very long. So, i can't really tell if it really works for me? Haha, but i will definitely say that this product does help to firm up my eyelids and moisturized.
 photo IMG_7598.jpg

If you are keen to know where to get the product. Below are the address.
704 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 560704
+65 6552 3148

You can look for Sharon Zhao to consult which product you're more suitable with. 
Last but not least, I hope you enjoy reading! <3