Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Short Getaway | Thoughts
As a mum, we seldom have time for individual. When we travel,  we would need bring our kids along. It can be kinda hard when you can't have time to spend with just you and your partner. Well, that's parenthood life. We will be going thru the same situation. It's funny when you finally have some time together without the kids. Your heart wasn't right because you wouldn't find yourself enjoying the whole trip without worrying about the kids at home. The hardest part is, I had to force myself not to think about it and enjoy.

I've learnt so much after being a mum. Although I am not the best mother in the world. I'm trying to be the best i could. It's never easy for me as a young mother. I admit that my mindset is still not fully mature yet. sometimes, I just want to have fun! It seems like never enough. Just like how much teenage life their should be at my age. To me, these could never happen anymore. My life changed at the age of 20. Life is tough, but I never had any regret in my decision. Time to time, I still tend to get jealous and envy for those who were carefree. Who don't, right?

Well, just wanna share a little bit of my personal life being a young mummy. To all the mummies out there. always remember we are noble! FIGHTING! 
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Friday, November 13, 2015
Wearing Ava off shoulder flare top (black) and Blainca pleated skorts. Totally love all their collections! They will be launching a new collection tomorrow! You can quote <CHLOEXTACT> for 10% off your purchase! Happy shopping girls :)

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