Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 2, Eventually we spent the whole night sleeping cause we are too tired after a day of not sleeping. So we club in the night at PAsoul. The club is like 3x fun~ If you guys happen to be in taipei, you can go there to party! Haha! So we camwhore while on the way there (: 
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Day 3, We head down to Wu fen pu to do some shopping but we didn't get to buy any single things because everything there is too pricey); Everything is like 2000taipi - 4000taipi. Which is around 50 - 200SGD. I heard that end of seasonal period, the price can drop to $8-$20. ); So too bad, we are not that lucky.
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On day 4, We book a cab for the journey to Jiu Fen! I couldn't remember how long was the journey but it was almost a few hours of trip. 
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Here we are at Jiu Fen! What there're selling there all food and etc. Not really on apparels. &Here's where we can buy there're yummy food like ''Tai Yang bing'' and many more! Aftermath, we cab down to a place (Around JiuFen) to make some wishes by putting Kong Ming Deng. Please make our wishes come true!!!
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Awww, Tai Pei! I will come back to you again!!! XOXO