Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pardon again for this! I totally forgotten about blogging! ).: But you gonna love me for spending my sleeping time here now hehehe~ So, pictures taken on Day 1! Feeling extremely excited. Our flight was at 1am in the mid-night. &We didn't sleep get to sleep at all, even when we are on the plane. Haha! Who will be able to sleep when your mind are full of excitement right? 
This is us and our naked faces. (Weird) But who cares? haha
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 photo IMG_5176.jpg
The crew is so cute uh! haha~
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Eventually, we took a bus to the nearest place to Ximending as there's no direct bus to it. So we cab there after we drop down.
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We stayed in ECFA Hotel and it's not a 5 star hotel thou. I didnt expect it to be so old and scary looking. );
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The bubble tea shop is just right beside the hotel!!! I almost everyday drink at least 1-2 cups of bubble tea!! I cannot resist everytime i walk pass here. Oh my god! 
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 photo IMG_5240.jpg
 photo IMG_5241.jpg
This is my roooom~ Pretty much like aquarium. LOL! So... we guys took a good nap before heading out to Ximending and it's already late when we woke up. Wasted~ 
 photo IMG_5242.jpg
 photo IMG_5243.jpg 
This is the first thing i saw before we step into the paradise. This is Super Duper delicious! It's so funny that i go everywhere just to look for this bike that sell quail egg. (Haha)
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After all the shopping, went down to this cafe called "Director & Sisters" to chill out! They're food is so nice too! But sad to hear from my friend that they're closing soon); 
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So! we head back home aftermath. This is the end of day 1! will continue day 2 soon! Goodnight!