Sunday, January 12, 2014


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 I was told to blog more often, So i am here to blog about my experience of having short hair. It has been 8 years of having long hair. I remember the last time that i cut my hair short was when i'm 14 years old. Which i regretted much at that period of time which is why i never dare to cut my hair short again. LIKE NEVER! 

WELL! I am quite sick of having long and very long hair, so i decided to make a change for this year 2014. YES! I REALLY CHOP IT OFF THIS TIME. HAHA! I know many of you were surprise! I don't know how you guys thought of my new hair style now. Hopefully it's not that bad? Although my hair is like a mushroom now but i still like it. HAHAHA! Photo's to share below! 

   photo IMG_6477.jpg  photo IMG_6478.jpg  photo IMG_6480.jpg

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More pictures with filter :) 
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Hope you guys enjoy reading! Goodnight xoxo.