Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Innisfree Water Glow Cushion
I have found a new love that i would like to share it with you guys! I always inspired by Korean's make up look. This product will help to create glow to the skin. If you love having dewy complexion, this may be the product you are looking for!

Lastly, i wish you all a MERRY X'MAS & HAPPY BOXING DAY! <3

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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Do visit when it's officially launched! <3

Featuring one of my fav piece // U-front Cut Out Maxi Dress.
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Monday, August 4, 2014

I have heard about Snail White, how about you?
Snail White has known to be a really popular product in Thailand and i'm so gonna give it a try!
I am surprise about the texture of the moisturizer! It penetrate into the skin very quickly. Another side notes is it keeps my skin radiance and moisturize thru out the day!

As result : It helps to achieve brighter skin, repairs damage skin and regenerate skin cells turn over rate.

 photo IMG_0707.jpg 

I love how the packaging is designed. Instead of using your fingers or spatular to pick up the moisturizer, you can just do it in just a pump! It's so hygienic! Sometimes when your nails is long, the cream will stuck on your finger nails when you're not using a spatular then applying onto the entire face, isn't it gross? Tsk tsk tsk.
 photo IMG_7829.jpg  photo IMG_7830.jpg  photo IMG_7831.jpg 

I had also tried out their Snail White Mist! I guess by using this two product together it boost the efficiency of achieving radiance and youthful skin. This product should apply after toner before the Snail White Gel Cream. Mist can be use even after your make up as well!
 photo IMG_0708.jpg  photo IMG_7832.jpg

That's all from me today and i hope you guys will love this product too!
If you're interested to know more about the benefit or what other products they have, you can check out their official website.
Goodnight everybody! Go be beautiful :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hey guys!!! Im back! I'm here today to share with you my fav product that works really well for pimples/acne skin! I swear it gonna works for you :) I have recommended a few of my friends to try and it really works! Ya~ On the sad note, i have not been having good skin ever since 2013. I tends to get major break out on and off, on and off, ON AND OFF >:( you know, because of the out break, i am NOT able to use my usual skin care, cause my skin use to be super dry and now, my skin became combination. Then, i have been trying out a lot of different product but it doesn't work on my skin. Until… I FOUND DERMATICS! Which was recommended by my Beautician from Beryl.

 photo IMG_9879.jpg

So! Here are the steps that i use for every day and night.
Step 1 > Cleanser (DERMATICS - C-Cleanse).
 photo IMG_7410.jpg

Amount : Don't have to be too much, Perfect to be pearl size.
 photo IMG_7411.jpg

This is me after cleans(Bare face). Don't expect my skin to be flawless. The photo's in my instagram are all edited hahaha!
 photo IMG_7448.jpg

Steps 2 > Toner( DERMATICS - Soothing Splash).
 photo IMG_7565.jpg

Amount : Almost wet. Apply on the entire face and split the cotton pad into two and place it on the affected area.
 photo IMG_7451.jpg

Like this :) Leave it for awhile or you can leave it until the product is fully penetrated.
 photo IMG_7461.jpg  photo IMG_7464.jpg

Steps 3 > Whitening Spots Specialist.
Im still using it because it helps lightening dark spots/pigmentation/marks. Especially when my pimples/acne are cured, it will still leave marks on my skin. So, whitening product will be your second buddy. Haha!
 photo IMG_7467.jpg

Amount : I usually take 1 drop of the serum and only apply on the marks/spots area.
 photo IMG_7468.jpg

Steps 4 > Pimple gel (DERMATICS - Acne Fighter)
This is my saver! My pimples dries up really fast after applying!
 photo IMG_7567.jpg

Amount : just a tiny bit will do, i will advise not to apply too much as it will cause dryness to your skin.
(Only apply on affected area).
 photo IMG_7476.jpg 

Steps 5 > Moisturizer (Su Hyang Snow),
Im back to this product cause I've not find a moisturizer that absorb into the skin instantly. It feels good and the smells is so refreshing too :D I would recommend to people who have combination skin or oily skin.
 photo IMG_7471.jpg

Amount : Pearl size.
 photo IMG_7472.jpg

Steps 6 > Eyecream (Signature Eye Cream).
i've been using this eye product for very long. So, i can't really tell if it really works for me? Haha, but i will definitely say that this product does help to firm up my eyelids and moisturized.
 photo IMG_7598.jpg

If you are keen to know where to get the product. Below are the address.
704 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 560704
+65 6552 3148

You can look for Sharon Zhao to consult which product you're more suitable with. 
Last but not least, I hope you enjoy reading! <3

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


If you do not know me well, i tends to get migraine frequently, it maybe once, twice or trice a month.
I remembered the very first migraine when i was 14 years old. I thought i am blind, i was pretty scared and helpless at that time. I soaked my eyes with water but the blind spots it just don't go away. I started to go crazy and agitated. Few minutes later, i start to see flashing light. I feel so abnormal! I thought it gonna be a disease or something.
After the flashing light is gone and vision cleared. I start to get really a bad headache on the side of my head.

Years later, i happen to do a research on migraine and i found out so much, about the blind spots, wavy/jagged lines and flashing light. You know, all these while i'd been asking around if anybody had the same symptoms as me. Nobody encountered it.

The reason i want to share is because, it has been a fear factor in my life.

Guys out there! If you happen to have the same symptoms as me. You're not alone haha! i mean I'm serious. It's really horrible.

In 15 to 20 percent of migraine sufferers, auras serve as a sort of warning sign that a migraine headache is about to occur. Aura symptoms generally last for 15 minutes to an hour. Most arise before the onset of headache symptoms, but they can also happen during or after a headache. The most common types of auras are visual. Visual auras include:
  • flashing lights or dots
  • wavy or jagged lines
  • distorted or blurry vision
  • blind spots or temporary loss of part or all of the field of vision in one or both eyes

Fuck off from my life!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


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 I was told to blog more often, So i am here to blog about my experience of having short hair. It has been 8 years of having long hair. I remember the last time that i cut my hair short was when i'm 14 years old. Which i regretted much at that period of time which is why i never dare to cut my hair short again. LIKE NEVER! 

WELL! I am quite sick of having long and very long hair, so i decided to make a change for this year 2014. YES! I REALLY CHOP IT OFF THIS TIME. HAHA! I know many of you were surprise! I don't know how you guys thought of my new hair style now. Hopefully it's not that bad? Although my hair is like a mushroom now but i still like it. HAHAHA! Photo's to share below! 

   photo IMG_6477.jpg  photo IMG_6478.jpg  photo IMG_6480.jpg

 photo IMG_6483.jpg  photo IMG_6467.jpg  photo IMG_6468.jpg  photo IMG_6470.jpg  photo IMG_6489.jpg  photo IMG_6492.jpg

More pictures with filter :) 
 photo IMG_6503.jpg  photo IMG_6504.jpg  photo IMG_6498.jpg  photo IMG_6527.jpg

Hope you guys enjoy reading! Goodnight xoxo.