Saturday, October 17, 2015



It's been quite awhile since i had a full body massage. Last Sunday, i visited LeSpa for the very first time. I guess many of you might not heard of it before? Honestly i'd never heard of it before but ya, maybe it's because I don't do massage so regularly. Somehow I feel uncomfortable undress myself with just a panties on. BUT! This can be easily overcome! So girls, if you haven't tried full body massage yet. YOU SHOULD! ITS HEAVENLY!!

Le Spa is very well known for their oriental therapies. My experience there was terrific! The receptionist and the masseur was very polite and nice despite I am being late. The massage takes about 1hr 45mins and I enjoy every second. Oh heaven (flying) :D

 photo SAM_2687.jpg

The room is feel sooooooo peaceful and cozy! which make me so so so comfy that i just want to lie flat and sleep haha!
 photo 19bc5d9a-27f7-4d5a-80d5-7ee51c3c092e.jpg  photo 63ce115d-170e-40f9-8d7f-6b88c728db4c.jpg  photo IMG_7227_1.jpg

So this is the end of the massage. The massage was soooooo comfy that I wish that 1 hr and 45 minute don't end… Haha! Oh ya, one reminder to you girls, remember to bun up your hair before the session. Or else, your hair might get oily thru out the day!
 photo IMG_7243_1.jpg

Furthermore, Le Spa is open 24 hours! Like WOW! This is perfect for every working adult (despite working shift hour or retail). Click onto the link here for more details!

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