Friday, May 22, 2015

Amara Sanctuary, Lark hill Suite.

Hi guys! I am finally back with some updates on my recent staycation at Amara Sanctuary! The experience there is AWESOME~ but the only concern was it,s kinda inconvenient. You will need to walk all the way out to RWS to have some food or drinks. Apparently, i did not step out of the hotel because it's too comfy already. You may consider booking on weekday as like you own the pool.

We booked this resort from and it was at the discount rate at $479. If I'm not wrong it was actually $600 plus per night.

Day 1

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 photo IMG_2761.jpg  photo IMG_2770.jpg  photo IMG_2780.jpg  photo IMG_2787.jpg  photo 296cb10d-670c-492b-8ee1-c40686b05225.jpg  photo IMG_2799.jpg

Last but not least, i wanna thanks my bff for celebrating my birthday with me and for those who came, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!