Friday, January 30, 2015

Laudree Blush
OHMYGAWDDD! I got the prettiest blush ever! If you haven't already know, Laudree not only sell Macaroons, they also come with Make Up Cosmetic. Their packaging are the prettiest i swear! I feel so sad that i didn't purchase more because their product are too expensive. Oh well, I'm sure gonna get more if I get the chance to! So here's the only blush I got, I called it the egg blush haha!

The texture to it is super creamy and easy to blend! There are a few selection available, mine was #04.  photo IMG_6787.jpg
 photo IMG_6785.jpg  photo IMG_6782.jpg  photo IMG_6789.jpg 
The application is pretty easy : apply it directly to your cheek.
 photo IMG_6783.jpg 
Just one stroke and using your fingers to blend well. I don't think brush are needed(: 
 photo IMG_6780.jpg 
I'm done!
 photo IMG_6786.jpg 
 photo IMG_6779.jpg
 FYI my friend got it for me all the way from Japan, so if you're wondering where to get them from, you may try to  purchase it online! The price is around 52SGD. Hehe so ya! hope you enjoy reading<3

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby Szekel: Birth Story
Welcome to the world baby! Im a mother of two now! Cannot believe how time flies and 9 months had just pass like a blink of eye. If you don't already know, i gave birth to him via C-Section. When baby S was still in my tummy, my gynae says he was slightly big and my gynae was worried that i might go thru a tough virginal delivery. So without hesitation, i decided to go for C-Section.

On the 23rd of Nov 2014, i checked in to TMC at 5am. I was told to change before wheeling me to the operating theater. I was given two option if i want to go for epidural C-Section or sleep thru the operation. As i do not want to miss precious moment, i'd chosen epidural C-Section. The operation starts immediately when clock strike 7am. When the epidural kicks in, my lower part of my body was numb and i can't feel them cutting me but i can feel the pressure of them pressing my tummy. I was shivering and feeling extremely cold throughout the operation.

As soon as the baby was out, he was carried to my chest. It's the exact same feeling when i held onto Baby C, same amount of happiness and love. The feeling is overwhelm!

Since i'd gone thru both Virginal and C-Section. I would like to share with you my experience for both. To me, i think C-Section would be so much better! I don't know if its because i did not take epidural virginally? (It could be) Well, i would still go for C-Section, at least i don't have to suffer when going to the toilet. No matter what you will still go thru pain anyway. That's what people says : 妈妈是伟大的 RIGHT?

Baby Szekel was weighing at : 2.635 and 48cm length.

Although my gynae has underestimated his weight but thanks goodness baby is very healthy and kicking! So ya! Hope you enjoy reading!

 photo IMG_5501.jpg
 photo IMG_5475.jpg