Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby Szekel: Birth Story
Welcome to the world baby! Im a mother of two now! Cannot believe how time flies and 9 months had just pass like a blink of eye. If you don't already know, i gave birth to him via C-Section. When baby S was still in my tummy, my gynae says he was slightly big and my gynae was worried that i might go thru a tough virginal delivery. So without hesitation, i decided to go for C-Section.

On the 23rd of Nov 2014, i checked in to TMC at 5am. I was told to change before wheeling me to the operating theater. I was given two option if i want to go for epidural C-Section or sleep thru the operation. As i do not want to miss precious moment, i'd chosen epidural C-Section. The operation starts immediately when clock strike 7am. When the epidural kicks in, my lower part of my body was numb and i can't feel them cutting me but i can feel the pressure of them pressing my tummy. I was shivering and feeling extremely cold throughout the operation.

As soon as the baby was out, he was carried to my chest. It's the exact same feeling when i held onto Baby C, same amount of happiness and love. The feeling is overwhelm!

Since i'd gone thru both Virginal and C-Section. I would like to share with you my experience for both. To me, i think C-Section would be so much better! I don't know if its because i did not take epidural virginally? (It could be) Well, i would still go for C-Section, at least i don't have to suffer when going to the toilet. No matter what you will still go thru pain anyway. That's what people says : 妈妈是伟大的 RIGHT?

Baby Szekel was weighing at : 2.635 and 48cm length.

Although my gynae has underestimated his weight but thanks goodness baby is very healthy and kicking! So ya! Hope you enjoy reading!

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