Sunday, March 8, 2015

VDL Beauty Treatment Essence.
Just a quick update on another skincare product added to my regime. It's a treatment essence mist that helps moisturizing and maintain a healthy balance skin condition. I realize after using Dermatics product for too long, my skin tends to get dryer. So this would be good for me! Whenever i feel my skin feels tight and rough, i will use this after my toner or sometimes after my make up :)

 photo IMG_9048.jpg  photo IMG_9041.jpg  photo IMG_9042.jpg

Assembly Cafe
A well spent Sundate with the love today. Hop into Assembly Cafe for some dessert before heading off to the bottle tree park. I have been going to Cafe Hoppin' lately and i really enjoyed it so much. I will be blogging about the Cafe i'd went on my blog soon! Do leave me a comment if you have any nice Cafe to intro too! 

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Hope you enjoy reading! <3 Good night!