Monday, August 4, 2014

I have heard about Snail White, how about you?
Snail White has known to be a really popular product in Thailand and i'm so gonna give it a try!
I am surprise about the texture of the moisturizer! It penetrate into the skin very quickly. Another side notes is it keeps my skin radiance and moisturize thru out the day!

As result : It helps to achieve brighter skin, repairs damage skin and regenerate skin cells turn over rate.

 photo IMG_0707.jpg 

I love how the packaging is designed. Instead of using your fingers or spatular to pick up the moisturizer, you can just do it in just a pump! It's so hygienic! Sometimes when your nails is long, the cream will stuck on your finger nails when you're not using a spatular then applying onto the entire face, isn't it gross? Tsk tsk tsk.
 photo IMG_7829.jpg  photo IMG_7830.jpg  photo IMG_7831.jpg 

I had also tried out their Snail White Mist! I guess by using this two product together it boost the efficiency of achieving radiance and youthful skin. This product should apply after toner before the Snail White Gel Cream. Mist can be use even after your make up as well!
 photo IMG_0708.jpg  photo IMG_7832.jpg

That's all from me today and i hope you guys will love this product too!
If you're interested to know more about the benefit or what other products they have, you can check out their official website.
Goodnight everybody! Go be beautiful :D