Thursday, February 18, 2016

Eye Infection

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Just when you had realized, I had not been active on my social media was because I'm down with a really bad eye infection. I've been wearing lenses almost 10 years and I'd never encounter such a bad infection before.  So I thought I can share with you my experience and also drive awareness on how important to take great care of our eyes.

The lenses that I'm wearing are those from push-cart or online store. I don't find it unsafe because I've been wearing them for so long and some are really comfortable to wear! The only irritation I faced was itchiness or redness to my eyes. Which will be fine the next day.

So initially when i start to feel irritation (i thought it's the usual redness that i get and it will be okay the next day), but the redness was still there and it was very uncomfortable than usual. I stopped wearing my contact lens for a day to give my eyes another day rest and it hope it will get better. As the redness subside a little, so I stubbornly wear the lenses back. Hell ya, it burns my eye i swear. Thats when my eye infection starts to get really bad. I can barely open my eye, it hurt immensely whenever there's light or my phone lighting i also couldn't tolerate it.

Immediately, i went to see a GP and i am given an antibiotic eye drop. The texture of the eye drop is thick and milky, the feeling was  uncomfortable when i dripped on my eye. My eye didn't get any better after 2-3 days. When i take a closer look at my eye, i spotted a white spot on my lower eyeball which freaks me out! I was so nervous that I went straight to see an eye specialist the next day. Walk in.
I took half day leave to visit the eye specialist at TTSH. I was told to do a normal eye check before visiting the doctor. While it was my turn, i was told to do an eye test by scraping some sample on my eye to check what kind of bacteria/infection. Before he start scraping, he also explained to me how's the procedure. The first step that they do is to numb eye. Once my eye is numbed, he will use a needle to scrape some sample on the white spot on my eyeball. I was super scared and reluctant to proceed but to no choice );

My doctor dripped 2 numb drops on my eye and it kinda sting. After awhile, i started to feel a little numb. Then he used a needle to scrape bit by bit on my eyeball. BTH, i don't really feel anything but just a little discomfort. Thanks god it's over!

I was given 2 antibiotic eye drop that I had to drip every 2 hours (which i find a hassle). I am not allowed to wear any lenses for the time being until it fully recovered. I've to come back for a review now and then to ensure my eye is okay.

I am thankful that nothing serious. Although the bacteria test that they do doesn't have any results as the bacteria doesn't grow at all. Well it's okay as my eye is healing day by day. It takes me more than 2 weeks for my eyes to recover. I am still taking antibiotic eye drop as there's still scar on my eyeball. Hopefully it will recover soon!

I had learned my lessons for not taking enough care of my eyes. I wear lenses almost everyday and i wear them for very long hours. Don't be like me! It's really harmful to our eyes. I will advise you guys to let your eyes a rest and try to get your lenses from the optical store instead of purchasing from the push-cart as you do not know whether they are safe to use. I am sure you guys know that certain eye infection will cause blindness. Better be safe than sorry. 

Sorry for the disturbing photo :x 
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Goodnight earthlings. x

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  1. This is such a great article with an emphasis on how important it is that we stay in tuned with our bodies and especially our eyes. Having a good eye doctor can be the difference between a simple fix and a serious infection that might cause you to lose an eye. Luckily, it was nothing more serious and easily treated.