Thursday, January 3, 2013

HOLY SHIT! This is bad ); I spent my whole night doing a summary of what i've done and happen during 2012. &Then! Internet got problem and my post is not saved! I'm going crazy GRRR. But well, it'll defeat the purpose if i don't continue to blog something. So at least this something. I wanna wish all of you a happy new year! haha Hope everyone of you have a better year this year! So where did you guys celebrate new year this year? I celebrated 2013 at Attica! haha yeah club again almost every occasion. But if you haven't know. I don't really club that much compared the past few years. I swear k! Btw, i didn't manage to bring my camera in the club and so i didn't take any picture but some ugly bad quality photos from the phone. Haha! Alright here's some picture before i end this post (:


HAPPY 2013!

Goodnight Readers! Hope you enjoy reading! Do drop me a comment on my form spring of what you like me to post on the upcoming post okay! (: Sweet dreams!

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