Sunday, January 13, 2013

If you haven't know, I got myself a new hair do! This time round, i go for perm and a shorter hair cut! I really love it! The perm is what i wanted for long! I've a natural straight hair, which pretty much look like rebonding. I never lie. To me i prefer natural wavy hair. It looks even more volume and beautiful! &Yeah, So thru out the past one year, I've been using tongs to curl my hair! &Now i can save time to curl and waiting. Phew~ But people, i will suggest not to choose small curls. I don't think it looks nice but it looks rather like maggie meesss haha! No offence okay!

Oh oh oh! I got another new lipstick from Chanel! Try out their new season color! VERY PRETTY!


Hope you enjoy reading!

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