Monday, September 28, 2015


I'm so happy to share with you guys 2 of my favorite product from Faux Faye. The first product, is their lipstick! The color i chose was #WOLF. I've tons of red lipstick but nothing beat Fayx Faye's. It's super lasting and bold which i adore much. The color is like OHMYGAWD! <3

I've been using this product for quite some time (Can actually tell from the picture as the name is fading off) and I thought I should blog about it since many people has been asking what lipstick I'm using. 

 photo 5d9714cf-d548-4f71-8bfc-1c33fec9e07c.jpg  photo IMG_6483.jpg photo IMG_6488.jpg
The second product is their Mascara DUO, it comes with two mascara. One is Transplanting Gel and the other one is Natural Fibres. So basically, instead of combining the fibers into one mascara, they separate it, which is good as you can control the volume of your lashes. 
3 Steps Applications: First, apply Transplanting Gel. 2nd, quickly apply the Natural Fibres before the Mascara is dried up. Then lastly, run thru with the Transplanting Gel again to volume up your lashes. 
 photo 28409134-b353-4d2e-9070-d6ffbb7c2f9d.jpg photo 7992cb71-d66b-45f6-8b89-867ccc4487f2.jpg photo bc4bdb15-65eb-41c9-a547-3a3ff68279b4.jpg photo SAM_2232.jpg

I'd also made a short video clip of myself using these two products. On the side note, this is my first make up video and please be nice! Last but not the least, hope you enjoy watching! 

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