Thursday, September 3, 2015



Finally, got my first hair bleached at JeanYip a few days back. I can't believe i did it, because I worried that bleaching my hair will damage my hair. But guess what, my hair still looks pretty good and healthy! All thanks to JeanYip professional skillful hairdresser!  

So last Friday, i've booked an appointment with Plaza Sing(PS) JeanYip outlet to get my hair done. Apparently, the color that I chosen was kind of purple and pink (maybe a mix of blonde). But sadly, my hairstylist, Carlos, does not recommend me to do so as my hair texture is too fine. The treatment will definitely damage my hair. Furthermore, I will need to go through 2 or 3 times of bleaching before i can achieve the color i want. Well then, I've 2 other ideal hair color that i like, one is that and the other one is more to deep dye, the color is kind of like grayish blue. As lighter tone is not recommended for me , I better not risk it and decided to deep dye.

Tadah! The color that my hair stylist did for me is called "The Balayage" which is a very popular hair dye technique in U.S now. The color is very natural and nice under sunlight. Unfortunately, I don't have enough photo to show you guys  (as it's not easy to catch the lighting). Anyway i still love the pictures.
 photo IMG_5802.jpg  photo IMG_5810.jpg

I believe everyone knows bleaching will cause your hair to be dry and damaging to the scalp. The number one most important thing to do after bleaching is, Hair Treatment! My hairstylist Carlos did a Super Silk Treatment for my hair and PBHT for my scalp. I'm very satisfied with the result! Now, i don't have to worry about having frizzy/dry hair after bleaching my hair.

I would like to thank JeanYip for pampering my hair and always putting on a smile when i walk out of the salon.
 photo 25624a00-0db0-42d4-a2f8-0bb38079027b.jpg

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