Saturday, August 29, 2015

5 home remedies for pimple/acne


Pimple. Everyone NUMBER ONE worse enemy. And for woman, it is our worst nightmare. We face pimples/acne problem when we are lack of sleep. Especially for woman during our period. (Arghhh.... This is so irritating and unfair.)

However, fret not my fellow sisters! I am sharing with you my top 5 personal tips to cure pimple/acne, FAST! 

Method No. 1: Green Tea Sachet (Tea Bag).
Green tea is use to know containing antioxidant which benefit our body in many ways. One of them is treating pimples/acne. What we acne patients should know is that green tea, fights all the underlying causes of acnelike inflammation, insulin resistance and hormones. Drink 1 cup of green tea a day will make your skin brighter and flawless!

Application: Soak 2 green tea bags into a bowl of hot water for about 1 minute. After-which, add some warm water to cool it down. Remember! Do not apply when it is still hot! Simply rinse your face with the bowl of green tea before proceeding to the next skin care regime.

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2: Ice Cube
Yes! Ice cube! I recently read an article stating that Ice Cube can helps to reduce redness, inflammation and swelling. The cold compresses your skin which will reduce redness and swelling. Thus making it easy to get rid of pimple in just one day! So why not give it a try? I am really surprised that it really works for me! Although it doesn't "totally" remove in just 1 day. But I should say it really help to reduce redness, inflammation and swelling!  

Application: Firstly, apply ice cubes twice a day(morning & night) after cleans. There-after, you can apply directly (or use a small tower) to rub on the pimple/acne skin surface. Keep rubbing the ice cube even if your skin around it becomes numb. You can take short breaks of few seconds to relax the burning feeling on your skin and continue until the ice cube melt. You may use 1 or 2 cubes but definitely not more.

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3: Clay Mask
Clay mask can be very useful for pimples/acne skin as it help to soak up all trace of dirt and grease. I'm currently using this brand call "too cool for school". Actually, it doesn't matter which brand you use. But of course, the most important thing is to use one that is suitable for your skin.

Application: Apply Clay Mask after you washed your face. Spread it evenly and leave it about 15 - 20 mins. The method is just like the usual mask, it's pretty simple! Once you are done, rinse it off with luke warm water and Ta Daa, done!

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4: Pimple cream
Pimple cream is the most general product that "you-must-have"! There're many many brands which is really good. As for me, I've chosen Dermatics acne fighter which work best for my skin. If you haven't read yet, here is the link- Dermatics to check out my review on their products. Pimple cream is the best (down to earth) remedy. As the name say it all, Pimple Cream (Duhh!). The truth is, it help to kill bacteria, heal and dries up pimple fast.

Application : Depending on which kind of pimple cream/gel you're using. for me, I prefer to apply pimple cream only after my moisturizer. Not necessary to apply too much, just a pearl size will do. If you're having a really bad breakout, then apply more. As long as it's enough to cover each and every evil pimple/acne.
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5: Clean towel.
Last but not least, place a clean towel on your pillow before you head to bed. Pillow can be very dirty as there will be dirt, sebum and all kinds of bacteria which is invisible to naked eye. So for those who has very stubborn and irritating acne skin. This will helps to prevent your skin to get worst.

Besides the above tips, the most important thing to remember, is to have enough beauty sleep! Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Alright! That's it for today! I hope you find these tips useful (like i do). Hope you enjoy reading! (:

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