Monday, August 17, 2015

Ding dong! You've got a mail! 


 photo oZyOjqT1xOKXfneknIsGW9v4FskyP6wcvLCrF3p8PLw.jpg  photo AEZyBoE1sdQI_8OBbPC87I-D58lwe8KwM7HSUwppjUc.jpg

Didn't expect to receive an invitation card from JeanYip. Hesitating should i attend the function, firstly i'm not comfortable going for such event. Secondly, i'm not very good with meeting new people, my interacting skill still need to be polished. Oh well, I did it! x

The Spa-rty starts at 4pm but i arrived 1 and a half hour, due to my heavy work load.

After when i arrived at Jean Yip Loft, i was invited directly to the 45 minutes spa massage. Their service is remarkable! And really enjoyed the massage. It was by far the best massage experience i have in Singapore! Highly recommendable!
 photo gOHMW_j49sFSUBSWvuT92IShTgvKjOhNRy_20qpwkio.jpg  photo AbwHnqp8UWM3t6_0hrHsc_rcsyd1A7KyS2QU-faZPCUq6ZmHMQ1SYEdyzRoC-LYo7K86h949FuNDL9XReyta1Q.jpg  photo J_qLwctiMkUrgHGZ52Kxg6T5LDHmJrYmpymHsLidLUATzNfltZYSoldce_xdBi_vbDAEfM9kPiE4tV4XNiUmXc.jpg

Done! Now for some food and drinks.

 photo uRhf1KsGHMTqosxvp_3p60fHTLdgJbACs0eyH_MDwWk.jpg  photo ubDgnx2vMDi5pUJmx8vxX22VwZ0cfaLhSE7HbPgxFW4.jpg  photo qweqwe.jpg  photo BGhYhBkVN2DBzkBArOO_jc63zrONNZ9RyllrSrAooFI8gIfuDt1cKpX9sWf9GpVbLOj2fEn7fV7PvUdCdWxDxE.jpg

And that pretty much end of the party. Although i had miss the face and scalp scan. But the feedback i received from the other guests were remarkably too! Thank you JeanYip for inviting me down to this awesome Spa-rty!

Humble Crumble

 photo q3UFmGlawes5pR7WmM_v5hgrBQO_y6NgrhplQd9fEas.jpg  photo N9koTTuuJODO1IJW38L35Dk5JO6ykFD2Vp86qtqW9FU.jpg

Super beautiful cupcakes from Humble Crumble! It's so fluffy and yummy! Please do check them out on their Instagram @humblecrumblesg for any quiries and orders! 

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