Friday, August 7, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE AND HAPPY LONG WEEKEND EVERYONE! Since it's a long week, i should fill up this space. Sorry for not updating ); So where have i been? Sleeping, haha just kidding! Have not been good for the past few months but, everything is all well now! You guys are missed and I'm glad to be back!

Down to town with the family, wearing my favorite outfit i got from BKK, loving the color especially! Didn't manage to take much photo cause i've forgotten to bring my camera out today. Only more selfie photo's when I'm home. hehehehehe!

 photo IMG_4780.jpg  photo IMG_4786.jpg  photo IMG_4825.jpg  photo IMG_4824.jpg  photo IMG_4826.jpg  photo IMG_4823.jpg  photo IMG_4821.jpg  photo IMG_4827.jpg

Look what i've found! The animal mask! Have been seeing people posting this on instagram, yay now my turn hahaha! 
 photo IMG_4828.jpg  photo IMG_4822.jpg

Okay goodnight! 

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